Frequently Asked Question

    About the facility

  • What is the maximum number of people?
    It depends on the room.

    Marine Dome with Barrel Sauna...4 people(max. 6 people)
    Central Dome...4 people (max. 6 people)
    Marine Dome...4 people (max. 6 people)
    Surprise Marine ... 8 people (max. 10 people)

    【Dog friendly】
    Standard Dog ... 4 people (max. 5 people)
    【Dog friendly】
    Dog Marine ... 4 people (max. 5 people)
    【Dog friendly】
    Surprise Dog ... 8 people (max. 10 people)
  • What time are check-in and check-out?
    Check-in is from 15:00. Check-out time is 10:00.
  • Is it possible to use the room for a day trip?
    We are sorry that we only offer overnight stays.
  • Is it possible to change the number of people or the plan?
    Yes, you can change them up to the day before.
  • Can I use credit cards for payment?
    Yes, we accept all types of credit cards.
  • Do you offer a pick-up service?
    We are sorry that we do not provide a pick-up service.
    You can walk there from Suisan Koukoumae bus stop(Nishitetsu Bus) in 1 minute.
  • Is it possible for a single person to use?
    Depending on the time of year. Please call us for more information.
  • Is there a cancellation fee?
    50% of the reservation will be charged from 30 days prior to the check-in date, and 100% from 7 days prior to the check-in date. You can change the date up to 2 weeks prior to the check-in date once for free.
  • Is there an accommodation tax?
    Yes, a 200 yen accommodation tax will be charged for all stays in Fukuoka Prefecture.
    Please note that this will be charged separately from the reservation fee.
  • About stay with pets

  • Are pets allowed?
    Yes, only dog can be allowed in 4 rooms; Standard Dog, Dog Marine, and Surprise Dog.
    Please show your dog's rabies vaccination certificate upon check-in.
    Other animals are not accepted. Please refer to the Rooms page for details.
  • How many dogs can I bring?
    There is no limit on the number of dogs.
    However, the rooms are designed for one dog, so they may be too small depending on the size of your dog or the number of dogs.
  • What equipment do you have for dogs?
    We provide toilet seats, deodorant spray, garbage cans with lids, cages, food containers, water containers, towels, etc.
  • About facilities and equipment

  • What amenities are available?
    The room has shampoo, treatment, body soap, pajamas, hand soap, toothpaste, bath towels, face towels, and a hair dryer.
    For details, please refer to"Facilities & Equipment" on the Rooms page.
  • What cooking tools are available?
    The room has knife, cutting boards, scissors, tong, and fireproof gloves.
  • What is included in the BBQ stove set (rental: 3,850 yen/tax included)?
    BBQ stove, tong, and fireproof gloves are included. Please use this set when you enjoy your original BBQ without meal plan.
    *Please note that firearms are not allowed.
    *We provide free rental for guests with meals plan.
  • Are there tableware?
    Yes, we provide tableware for the capacity of each room.
  • Is it possible to BBQ or dine even if it rains?
    Yes, you can enjoy BBQ in all weather conditions in the individual BBQ space.
  • Is there wifi available?
    Yes, it is available in each tent.
  • Is there air conditioning?
    Each tent is equipped with air conditioning. We will install wood stoves during the winter.
  • Are there bathrooms and toilets?
    Each tent has its own hot spring bath, toilet, and washroom.
  • Can we have a bonfire?
    Each tent has fire pits for you to enjoy bonfires.
    You can buy firewood at the front desk(300 yen).
  • Is theree a TV?
    We do not provide a TV in our glamping facilities.
    Please relax and enjoy the sound of the waves as background music.
  • Are there electrical outlets?
    Yes, there are outlets in the dome tents.
  • How many seasonings are available?
    We do not provide any seasoning for sanitary reasons in the room.
    For guests with meals plan, we provide seasonings to make meals tasty.
  • About meals

  • How many days in advance can I order meals?
    We accept the orders, additions or changes of meals until 12:00 two days in advance.
  • Is it possible to purchase food and beverages at the administration cabin?
    You can purchase some beverages
    We also offer Yame tea and coffee roasting service.
  • Can I bring foods and beverages?
    Yes, the refrigerator is available in each tent.
  • Can I bring my own fire table and stove?
    No, firearems are not allowed to bring in.
  • Can I order breakfast only?
    We accept the order of breakfast only.
  • Others

  • Is there a convenience store or supermarket nearby?
    There is a convenience store located 3 minutes away by car or 10 minutes on foot.
  • Are fireworks allowed?
    Only handheld fireworks are allowed in the designated area.
    Launched or shot off fireworks are not allowes.
  • Until what time are campfires allowed?
    Campfires and fire pits in each room are closed at 21:00 for fire and security reasons.
  • Let us know the reservation and room availability?
    Please check from thereservation page.