KAGAMINO UMI(Fukutsu Sea Mirror)

“KAGAMINO UMI” is located right next to the 【GLAMP DOME FUKUOKA FUKUTSU】.

The shallow coast stretches for 3 km from Fukuma Beach, Miyajihama Beach, and Tsuyazaki Beach in Fukutsu, Fukuoka.

When the wind and weather conditions are favorable, the sandy beach reflects the sky at low tide, creating a mirror-like scene.

KAGAMINO UMI, or the Salt Lake Uyuni of Fukuoka, is a very popular spot that you can take great pictures, even with the smartphone.

You can enjoy the spectacular view to capture a moment with your family or loved ones.


Year-round (during low tide)
Usage time
*Low tide Please refer to the forecast calendar on the official website for more information.
*Depends on the weather/time of day.
*Please be mindful of your manners, such as taking garbage home with you, and cooperate in preserving the environment.

*Images are for illustrative purposes only.

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